Meeting Cancelled on 07/02

Indira's updates:

Bugs addressed in Clowder: 

  • Updated https errors in the front end 
  • Fixed "Sort By" button not working in collections view
  • Fixed subject for emails being sent when a user is added to a space 
  • Updated Status for users on signup
  • Fixed metadata widget links
  • In a private clowder allow super admins to see all datasets

Helped Richard with: 

  • Running elastic search and enabling advanced search on SMU Clowder Instance
  • Helped to deploy extractors
  • Debug and fix errors with extractors and ssl certificates not properly configured in SMU's machine
  • Helped with bug when uploading large files.


No-Cost extension – not put in yet

Barbara cannot show work past Sept 30 in proposal until the No-Cost request is in system

Then we will need to request our SRO to extend their work

And then she can put in proposal to shift funds

Contract with SMU to us

Indira has been working on issues – see list above

This aligns with Outreach

SMU starting a data science initiative – need into with CTO who is hiring 4 staff to do data science support across campus and installing data infrastructure – make data transformations accessible to faculty

Students are pretty up to speed with Brown Dog - would help to have us get involved in data analytics now - need algorithms to identify what they see in images

Thinking about using video in car - capturing info from videos

Infrastructure Equity Study -identify / inventory them - looking at condition - need to be able to take multiple photos with same labels

GPS tagging is with location of camera and not location of object - Microsoft has AI just released that calculates distance from camera to object

Different times of day - different lighting

  • lighting
  • pavement
  • cell signal strength
  • sidewalks - existing and condition
  • fire hydrants
  • storm drains
  • manhole covers
  • houses - condition of home and surroundings (looking for blighted but not identifying)

They have a citizen science app - photos of infrastructure + drone photos - every photo would have to be labeled - can be stitched but you can't do it with just GIS information

Working with Habitat for Humanity - housing condition

Photos - labeled data to train ML

Just starting to collect - are there publicly available datasets to aid in ML training

Where will data go? eventually we help with that

Neil Hendrick working on this

Already have stitching of drone images available-OpenDraw Map (memory intensive)-Pix4D paid service

Working on manually adding to extractors - run selective extractors only on certain clowder instances

Right now is in an ODK data server - can publish from there - can be bypassed and have data from Phones be submitted directly to Clowder

submits xml file with a structured set  - Clowder extractor ready to receive it - text and images

Students gathering photos of stuff - organizing within collection - City of Dallas and making it accessible

How to organize and help people find what they need - need a data librarian

Organization suggestions needed - extractors auto tag things as well

Brown Dog Project

Bardia's Slides - Brown Dog GI Use Case_ 13 July 2018.pptx

Bardia will work with Richard and Indira to get additional extractors loaded on the SMU instance

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