Goals - Technical Meeting

  • 1st Friday of Month will be webinar open to anyone with the link (will be on the Clowder main website).

    Other 3 weeks will be technical meeting for developers to discuss code, planning, etc.

  • Will start inviting more people - and we can send link to people on individual basis for invitation
  • CSSI - we now have some funding to pay for hardening of Clowder outside of work done by project specific work

Discussion items


Luigi Marini
release 1.7.0 and 1.7.1 were both release this week
1.7.0 requires an elastic search re-indexing - so if you have a production instance that you maintain make sure it is working as intended
Fixes to new search is being working on which will be 1.7.2
additional things related to archival are also there which may be a 1.8 soon
Two weeks is All Paws - Sandeep driving 1 and Luigi driving other car - will need to coordinate pick up places
have to coordinate dinner and who stays and who goes home early
There will be a zoom meeting - and some people have already said they are attending remotely
  • Boston
  • BNL
  • NASA
  • NGA
  • USGS
  • NIST
  • Purdue
  • Univ of Michigan

Need to go back and get in habit of updating this page: Roadmap - will be purchased on Monday - will point to clowder.ncsa

last call for name of github - discussion around "-" vs

voted - 6 for dash ... one for no dash

what is public - should be mature and maintained first - default is not public and we choose which ones are manually made public

let us know which ones should NOT be put on github

GitHub discussion - should we move completely away from Opensource

Bing presenting on Clowder at the CUAHSI meeting

Governance Process: Governance

Review process

Add Max to committers list


talk about new search process PR - CATS-1011

doing some clean up as well for duplication and things

using patterns that are not scala ish - so redoing some of these as well

Discussion - hierarchical log - spotify paper - Bing interested in implementing - he will share paper


updated s3 archiver and works with mino - checking s3byte with other regions and it appears to be working

Luigi: told Chen to talk to Mike about moving to glacier and how that is done (mentioned in Smile meeting)

Add archive button - need to know who to add for reviewers - CATS-1007

Loop on an interval relies on this as well