Goals - Technical Meeting

  • 1st Friday of Month will be webinar open to anyone with the link (will be on the Clowder main website).

    Other 3 weeks will be technical meeting for developers to discuss code, planning, etc.

Discussion items


Luigi Marini
  • Created Roadmap document for planning next versions of Clowder
    • Roadmap
    • v2.0 will be removing some API support, rest of v2+ is internal updates, v3.0 will be Play 2.7 transition
  • Clowder Webinar will be next Friday, Todd and Colter will be presenting
  • Clowder v1.8 is under review, needs review and approval
  • Discussion of HTML formatting fix on Clowder lists due to mix of js and scala in pagination

  • Created PR for pyclowder to separate status and message and add helper functions to expose this to the user
  • Working on example of simple-extractor for datasets for TERRA
  • Need to add custom exception classes to pyclowder PR for manually aborted messages and special FailExceptions

  • pix4d extractor work 

  • Testing of helm charts - writing this up on wiki pages

Rob Kooper
  • Clowder extractor monitor from heartbeat showing version, consumers, messages, errors

  • Discussion of Todd's tree view implementation of TreeService class & injection