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Discussion items

Extraction event updates

Show a few slides discussing updates to Clowder & PyClowder to separate extraction status (STARTED, ERROR) from the message itself, and clean up groupings in the Clowder GUI

Need to create an ExtractionGroup ID to track the groupings, because grouping based on timestamp doesn't work if same extractor is run multiple times simultaneously on same resource. PyClowder could include a unique message ID in RabbitMQ that Clowder can then store.

Clowder PRPR for pull request to migrate disk files to S3 bucket - in review
S3 Update for FoldersS3ByteStorageService - right now uploads all files into root level of a single bucket and that gets messy. Implementing logic now for nested folders with configurable depth (default 3) with subfolders based on the ID strings. similar to disk storage structure.
Brown Dog extractor submissionGrad student from BD working on extractor for urban heat index zone definitions. Submitted code via email, Sandeep was reviewing. Not a simple extractor, so learning how to write his first one. Giving him a couple weeks then following up.