Discussion items

  • 1.8 released, watchout for any problems
  • Max and Todd working on removing things for 2.0 Roadmap
  • Todd Nicholson is working with Illinois for mobile app "Clowder Mobile"
    • Better name?
    • Just "Clowder"
  • December Webinar?
    • Permission / Roles / Spaces
    • Config parameters that change the behaviour of the app
    • Extractors Parameters (Sara Lambert)
    • Enabling and Triggering of Extractors
    • How to develop new Previewers and correlation with Extractors (Luigi Marini)
    • Roadmap and releases

  • 3 WIP PR for 2.0 currently available
    • deprecated endpoints
    • geostreams (Todd)
    • 3D files (Constantinos / Cyprus)

  • Starting to work on CSSI to mantain extractor cloud
  • Will work on new catalog next

  • Working on deploying Clowder to AWS
  • Setting up a Kubernetes cluster and an instance of Clowder connected to OSN
  • Central backed up instance for every new small use case vs standalone ones
    • Need user quotas for central instance
  • Bug, when uploading a file, you can manually submit the file before the file is most to the final resting place 

Action items