Goals - Technical Meeting

  • Ad Hoc webinars open to anyone with the link (will be on the Clowder main website) - they will be announced as needed

    Other meetings will be technical meetings for developers to discuss code, planning, etc.

Discussion items


Luigi Marini
  • Crowdsourcing ideas for generating interest in our monthly Clowder webinar and recorded videos
    • Mark: submitting to Bytes & Pieces might help notify NCSA
    • Max: RSS feed might help to notify people of new discussion topics
    • Max: something pre-recorded might be more easily digestible than only offering real-time webinars
  • First Friday of the month is difficult to nail down regularly (e.g. first Friday of January)
    • Clowder Webinar will be more flexible going forward (still always on Friday)
  • Created a Jekyll version of the Clowder landing page, so site doesn't feel as static
    • Since it's based on a Git repo, this will share the load of maintaining the landing page among all developers

  • Released a version of the Clowder mobile app for both Android and iOS
    • Currently in alpha, but looking for feedback on user experience and usability

Maxwell Burnette
  • Preliminary planning/work for CSSI which includes the Clowder 2.0
    • Making some big changes to the code base, so breaking changes may follow
      • Cleaning up some of the deprecated or dead bits of the Clowder code base (e.g. uploading a file outside of a dataset)
      • Erring on the side of getting rid of unused or unsupported functionality
    • This will also include an upgrade to Play framework and other Clowder dependencies
      • This will change how we write/use plugins, so later releases will need to migrate these plugins to the new framework as needed
    • There is a 2.0-work-in-progress branch on Bitbucket for feedback/collaboration
  • Working with Todd on trying to come up usability improvements for Clowder
    • e.g. responsiveness for mobile device support
    • This will be a long process, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  • Question: There has been some talk about federating different Clowder instances - what exactly does that mean?
    • Luigi: every project seems to have a different idea of what this feature would look like
    • Luigi: for example, replication vs federation - if replicating, how to keep things in sync? lots of open questions here

  • Deployed Clowder + S3 storage configuration for the OSN project
  • Some folks in Arizona are interested in the iRODS storage plugin
    • iRODS plugin code hasn't been used in a long time, and will need to be tested and likely updated