Goals - Technical Meeting

  • Ad Hoc webinars open to anyone with the link (will be on the Clowder main website) - they will be announced as needed

    All other meetings will be technical meetings for developers to discuss code, planning, etc.

Discussion items

2.0 update

Update of progress on moving RabbitMQ and Elasticsearch plugins to service pattern.

Need to update mongo-slot, mongo-db-secure social .... several found - change to services

Clowder twitter

Do we have active twitter accounts? Admins are getting emails about several of them.

Yes - @ClowderFramewrk -

connected to:

(ClowderFramewo1 is deprecated and was renamed to the above)

Extractor parameters demonstrationSara LambertDemonstration was postponed due to few attendees. Unarchiving is currently broken - need to figure out what's going on. Could be sensitive to file status (PROCESSED, ARCHIVED)
Byte storage in S3 for large files fixAmazon uploads for input streams need the total byte count on upload and we were not including that everywhere. Mike has a fix to pass the full length of the bytestream initially to avoid Amazon's memory buffer bug.
RDA project begins in 2020Implementing improvements to bagIT for data interoperability.