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Discussion items

Report timeoutsLarge File report still timing out on SIMPL after 1h 13m. Report timeouts still occur with CURL or when keeping session cookie active - not related to clowder logout. 
PR reviews(All)Lots of things need reviewing! 
Jekyll website demoNeed to put up demo so we can see it, and edit previous webinars for YouTube. Need to get better about updating documentation in pull requests.
Potential topics pageNeed to create a new page for potential webinar topics, similar to Software Tech Working Group (SoTWoG?)
Interest in Clowder integration with MakeFlow in TERRA

Replacing extractors with makeflow modules, how can we most effectively integrate with Clowder to replace extractors for the project? 

Look at pyclowder HPC connector as example

Mobile app testingTodd can add us to the account so he can add us for the Android/Apple store. Next week we can do live testing as a group.
Plugins to services
Enabled/disabled method and connected/disconnected method with dummy implementation that returns False in the base class. Maxwell Burnettewill make a ClowderService trait that implements those 2 and status() for the api/status call.
SYN database migration scriptBing Zhangmaking dump of db and renaming - will share code
Clowder & iRods

Will Clowder need to better support .TAR archives for this? if they have data underneath clowder on iRods in .TAR archives, may need to process files inside those archives during extractor

  • extractor to get file listing from zipfile
  • extractor for extracting into a folder structure (flat hierarchy)

Can we store a pointer to a file inside an archive as a virtual file (archive storage?) and get it for extraction just like we could a URL that will download remote file. in this case it would unarchive it.