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  • Pull Request for Elastic Search 7.5 is open - we were using 2.3
    • Difference in how meta data is searched
  • PyClowder "3" PR is available now - client based model to make API calls
  • Intern Sam - working on script to upload a folder as a dataset into clowder
  • New extractor for antivirus scanner - ClamAV

  • Attending permafrost meetings - NSF - using clowder to streamline sharing of data related to arctic permafrost
  • Have remote sensing tiff files - many large (TB images) - multi band - want to analyze on XSEDE resources
  • Clowder - takes input file and makes available as well as taking output files (tiff or shape files with class)
  • Dimension of launching execution of code from Clowder on XSEDE
  • All data is in a center in Alaska - have to move TB of data every time - how to map and keep track of provenance - stage ahead of time and map to local version?
  • Visualization - need input of ideas
  • Sandeep: Is it similar to VAT?  related to ECSS - Clowder won't run on ECSS resources - ...
  • Used Google Earth Engine- run geospatial code on top of data - they have large reference datasets - like Jupyter Notebook with
  • Once a month there is a CSSI PI meeting - one of the things that came up was a comment regarding flexibility and customization for domains.  having the ability to have plugins that are not in the core that you can deploy outside the core - issue with versioning and plugins in the wild


writing tests using Postman to test API - will be doing a lightning talk next week

not free as a collaboration tool



ability to migrate from one cluster to another


Migration - machines on SD3 in AWS

Can't upload 4gb files through - sd3 doesn't even start

ls in temp folder - bytes show different - transfer stopping before all file gets there? firewall timeout?

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