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Started putting videos up on YouTube


Getting a lot of questions on SlackLuigi

Make sure to read, review and answer them regularly

Make sure to update the docs in the Clowder Sphinx documentation with clearer info which answers the questions

Have a release almost ready to go- 1.8.3LuigiTodd has issues pushing to release ... Luigi will check permissions

Question from Colter on MetadataLuigi

Metadata - after a certain depth in document it would not work - theory will not work after a certain depth (depth 4 or 5)

might need to change in future

PR script to create flask/geoserver ...Bingis running on dev - Sandeep reviewing

Google season of docsRob

Unclear how students/programmers can write/update docs - do they just write or do they learn the program and document

Starts after Summer of Code - more open to technical writers

take all the various sources we have for Clowder - and put into a single source document - help them do examples

  • one focus on Jupyter notebooks for examples
  • Admin section of docs
  • User Section of docs

May or may not have coding/technical knowledge - but good technical documentation skills

Get writers involved in Opensource

Update User ProfileMike

User profile - shown at industry meeting - add data sets to the profile page

Templates were showing footers multiple times - share code with group to find root cause