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  • Clowder 1.9 has been released
    • Release tweet pending
  • Using GitHub going forward after 1.9 release
    • Will start going down the list and migrating existing JIRA issues to Git
    • Clowder developers have been added contributors to GitHub organization
    • Open question: one repo per-extractor? Should this be strictly enforced?
  • External group reported a medium vulnerability alert from jQuery
  • Found/fixed various bugs during testing the branch upgrading Clowder to use Elasticsearch 7
    • Not related to the ES7 migration
  • Discussion of ideas for automating testing the UI
    • Selenium - can be tricky unless test cases are simple (recommend PageObject pattern)

  • Had to leave early, no full update provided
  • API documentation is out-of-date - this may be causing confusion for external collaborators
    • Updating Swagger

  • Demo of WIP for selecting multiple files to support bulk operations in Clowder datasets - proposed operations: 
    • Show only marked - filter files list to show only those marked
    • Download All - download selected files as a ZIP (may take a bit of extra work)
    • Delete All - delete all selected files
    • Tag All - add the same tag to all selected file
    • Clear All - clear selection (and uncheck "show only marked"?)
  • Other improvements proposed (collected from project feedback)
    • Convert selection datasets to collection ("Save Selection as Collection"?)
    • Selection becomes a list that can contain datasets, collection, spaces, etc
    • Generalized view with sorting options 
    • Recently-viewed datasets, spaces, files, etc

  • Quick note about "Image Flipbook" feature and sortInMemory 
    • Default behavior of Next/Previous is always Newest to Oldest
    • Default behavior of file list in datasets view changes based on the value of sortInMemory 

  • bdtest framework is looking good so far for testing extractors and Clowder backend
  • using graylog to persist extractor logs, but running into some issues - need to ask Rob Kooper


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