Discussion items

  • v1.10.0 released on github
  • Do hotfix against master
  • Need to fix links on github pages
  • Steering committee in the works
  • Need to put more documentation and wiki documents on how we make design decisions
  • 1.10.1 hotfix
    • Changing log levels and only showing the first time it fails
  • RDA reviewing code for bagit iterators, currently working on 1.x
  • Heartbeat, only log error when an extractors has the wrong extractor_info the first time
  • 1.10.1 hotfix
    • Github action hotfix - regex browen for > 1.9 (for example 1.0)
  • Develop tagging
  • Fork tool for 4CeeD
  • Phone application open beta testing
    • New features
      • File previews
      • Add tags, descriptions, etc.
  • Transformation catalog
    • Adding details to transformers
    • Sorted by version numbers
    • Adding error handling

Action items