Discussion items

  • Mikes's PR on extractions job-ids is merged. Need to merge the pyclowder one and rebuild all extractors
    • Need to test what happens with pyclowder branch merged and current clowder release
  • Next week there will be a Clowder steering committee meeting
  • Have not had time work on documentation
  • Try simple wordcount instead of regular word count
  • Use logspout and greylog to log all extractors docker
    • logspout has a lot of interesting features and plugins
  • What happens with pyclowder branch merged and current clowder release?
  • Tagging and organizing extractors
  • Adding new polyglots converters to browndog catalog
  • Helper function to check if services are available, to be used in kubernetes as init containers.
  • Discovered an issue with cilogon and multiple clowder frontends. The oauth flow needs to go through one frontend. Stick login/authenticate in nginx to go to the same machine.
  • New industry streaming use case of large dataset from lab
  • How do we manage pyclowder updates?
    • Move away from using latest in extractors and tag with specific versions
    • Need to notify community of new versions of pyclowder
    • We could have clowder require a certain version of pyclowder and notify users when they don't match 
Todd Nicholson
  • Extra task - updating some of the old 4ceed extractors that did not work with new clowder/pyclowder. Some used python2 code from projects that were never updated.
  • Mobile app release in progress, resetting key took longer than expected. Closed release for iphone should be ready soon. 
  • Plan for next week - focus on 2.0 release
  • Based rokwire contribute guidelines on the clowder one
  • Using detectsecrets package to check for secrets