Discussion items

  • Clowder 1.11.0 in the works - New release is almost ready
  • Migration of Michigan instance to Tacc -
  • Please pay attention to the Clowder slack channel
  • Reviewed Catalog PRs (not done) - It's looking good
  • 2.0 meeting and MongoDB salat migration - Slowly moving but updates are being made
  • PR's for the catalog made, not ready to merge yet.  If an error is raised we need to put a header so that 404/503 error doesn't pop up
  • Will do a blog post or put together a YouTube video  for Transformations Catalog                                    
  •  HELM install Clowder. HELM Charts contain containers making it easy to get it up and running.  Upgrades are easy to do as well.
  • Rob's / NCSA's Helm charts can be found here:
Mike L.
  • Heavy backlog grooming and sprint planning for Industry
  • Added acceptance criteria / estimates for catalog work
  • Filled in technical gaps for Extractor Catalog design with new stories/tasks - should I make a blog post? Luigi: make a blog post PR against the website.  Link the wiki page.  It may migrate to github at some point.
    • Please feel free to give Mike L. feedback on the Extractor Catalog
  • Prioritized epic based on technical requirements/dependencies
  • Working with Todd on 2.0.  Has client update merged. 
  • Making a pyClowder 3 which will make it easier to use PyClowder
  • As part of CSSI and Syngenta, adding to elastic search.  Found a lot of search bugs that we're working on. If we want to use </> searches we have to do a re-index.  Elastic searches need to be able to detect numbers from text values in the string.  Use this as a string with </> rather than a numeric value.  Perhaps we should remove the </> command.   We need to figure out how to allow people to define a field for searches so the field returns what they want.  Is there a way to use JSON?
  • As part of what Alex has talked about, we would like to add date ranges to the API.
Mike B.

Got new repo & tools, so I can start looking at it next week, will be following the slack more as well.

  • Is there anything that should be added to the twitter channel?
  • Have there been any seminars/webinars lately that need to be added to YouTube? Luigi - Not yet.
  • Nothing to report
  • Action: Lisa set up meeting with Max & Rob to discuss Pull Requests