Discussion items

  • Adding some advice to main website on how to contribute to community
  • Released core with wrong version - needs to be fixed
  • steering committee next week
    • interest in data analysis and machine learning extractors
      • Please share a lit of the ones you are aware of
      • Will create new simple jupyter examples
        • could use some help with R examples
    • documentation
  • Started testing for the air handlers.  Added jsonId config. Working through problems; hoping to have PR ready this afternoon
  • Have PR in place to fix things for the proxy.  The issue is the order with the API proxy.
  • Is there a release ready?  When it's ready we make a PR.  The problem is it doesn't automatically get deployed.
  • Make an extra branch for Extractor Catalog, then merge it later
  • Mike L. can do the re-write.
Mike L.
  • Created PR for Extractor Catalog basic layout
    • Confusion about whether this should be merged or remain as a feature branch
    • NOTE: Branch contains a set of showOptional parameters, allowing us to hide sections of the page if we do need to make a new release
  • Started implementing "Move to ..." dropdown items for representing "Extractor Maturity" 
  • Starting to think about the upcoming Extractor Job History feature
  • absent
  • some bugs with mobile app need to be fixed
  • icon app issues
  • Bing has made a temporary branch based on Mike's pull request.
  • Has been working on proxy and graylog login system.
  • Made a wiki page to set up the gray log stack in the docker compose.
  • Ran on Linux; all services are running; but issues with accessing graylog by host IP and port.
  • converted the working in progress pull request to draft pull request.
Mike B.
  • Started familiarization w/code, incl looking into mapping it's metadata to
  • Found some jsonld validation problems on both side to share, and started an early mapping.
  • public/jsonld/contexts missing commas, then realized all context, as used as header
  • Will put notes in the wiki. There is design page that can be added to the community and ask for feedback
  • absent
  • absent
  • Nothing to report.  Apologies for sending meeting notes out so late.
  • Action: