Discussion items:

Next Webinar January 2021?

Upcoming Venues for Clowder/

  • released. Need to make the blog page an announce it.  There are many new features.
  • Rob, Luigi, Todd are setting up the PDG instance on Radiant thanks to Rob's awesome terraform scripts and tech. Lots of interesting things to learn.
  • Hoang Nguyen from the the University of Queensland will be our newest contributor. He works in material science and learned about Clowder through 4CEED.
  • Michael Johnson has contributed his first PR to the core. Thank you! -
  • Updates for steering committee next week?
  • Please let everyone know when a bug is fixed so that they know we are paying attention.
 MaxProductive 2.0 meeting.  Checking datasets do not show, but will fix this today.
Mike L.Been in discussions about tracking geometrics into one dashboard.  Uptime Robot/Slack/Grafana/Amplitude/Google Analytics have all been used, but looking for a single place to view the data collected. 
  • bug fix for deleting tags
  • setting up clowder and extractors on new Radiant allocation
Michael JRob walked through the upgrading process specific to SIMPL.
  • add notification to Clowder-test, we have options to do email, Slack, MS team notification of Clowder test results.
  • share the draft design of Clowder website statistics collection. It would be interseting to collect a couple of statistics data, e.g., uptime, average response time, the number of users login, etc.
Mike B.


·got rebranding of present search up for new site

·got sub-topics when no domain tags, incl linking

· have basic metadata but not in filter yet

· got basic ppl coordination, but have backups

· will increment my demo till can coordinate more

· got advice on css/filters&bounding-box

  • New (non-clowder search) &expanded clowder re-skinned demo w/clustered sub-topics now too; Getting promoted metadata in search results, &carrot2 submodule in elastic search would really speed that up
  • Also, wanted to be able to swap in  clowder for the sparql based search,

    but those hits are more external-ID(doi)based

       So considered metadata search in clowder to find dataset by doi, but not sure

       that, at least the old, metadata I uploaded is fully searchable

  • Here is an example of carrot2 viz, but the demo above puts them as a set of links
  • Michael Bobak Please put the information in Slack.
RobWe can now see if the extractors are working correctly.

Open PR's for the catalog then will merge.

Need to clean up the readme. file

ShannonPreparing for the Steering Committee Meeting
LisaTopics for Webinar in January?  Will dig into it.

Action Items/To Dos: