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Next Webinar January 22 or 29?

Upcoming Venues for Clowder/

LuigiNeed to write a blog post for the latest release.  There are a few PR's that need to be done.

I  have four PR's out there:  initial implementation; Delia will never show as "done" only as "submitted".  We should request that we build a "done" category for them.

RDA PR working with Jim Myers do a round robin test on this.

Mike L.

SIMPL Platform: need to test/discuss the extractor logging to graylog. 

  • For example, image-preview has logs, but image-metadata does not. 
  • Similarly, opendronemap.stitcher has no logs. 
    • We are outside of growing season, so that could explain why there is no log data for the stitcher. (thumbs up)

Included a whiteboard drawing on the design wiki to show what we're planning for Clowder's Centralized Event Sink:

  • Orange indicates an existing system component or interaction
  • Blue indicates something new that will need to be added or developed

Working on a branch and need Maxwell Burnette to take a look at this. Users may want to make selections and save their "favorites" .  Is this different from "collections"?  Discussion ensued.

We want to make sure that favorites or wish lists do not get confused with collections.

Michael JYAML type file to list of extractors to convert it to something that deployable. If you look at the HELM chart you can make a docker composer.
Mike B.


·check on main, extended demo site

·using endpoint needs DOI mapping to use LD cache/s

· started to get more.., but might not be needed

·Got some search css, &a responsive filter demo

·found re-query plans, seeing how that might work

·got larger plan/coordination started, but details to pin down

· will get more SPARQL, as it will probably be needed/used

RobNothing to report. We need to discuss what to do with Brown Dog.
Markreasonable change in the file.  Put into Python  I'll put in a PR for the  Put a note that this needs to be cleaned up and others can look at it as well.  Mark will put together a wiki with an explanation of how to put this together.
ShannonDoes anyone have a good topic for an article in the newsletter next year?
  •  Topics for January webinar: Geoserver (Todd), PDG (Todd), Extractors in PyCharm (Todd); Extractor Test (Bing), EarthCube (Mike B.), Extractor Catalog (labels) (Mike L), Github Actions for Extractors (Rob K) How to de-bug docker (Rob)
  • Planning for Conferences: Possible Upcoming Venues for Clowder

Action Items/To Dos: