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Next Webinar February 5th - Colter Wehmeier & Todd Nicholson

Articles for Newsletter - Article from Barbara Minsker

  • CSSI Steering Committee update presented by Lisa & Shannon
  • Created wiki page for workbench CDDR planning: Clowder Workbench Integration (formerly Tool Launcher)
  • RabbitMQ split into RabbitMQMessageService and ExtractorRoutingService - PR. There is too much logic in RabbitMQ.  We need a deliniation between the application and the branch.
    • Now to implement the events themselves
  • Looking at some search bugs reported in Slack - issues with pagination.
Mike L.
  • Splitting RabbitMQ service.  Need to hook up with Max's code
  • Working on the que for Echo and MongoDB (sidetracking events)
  • Amped up amplitude to make a leaderboard.  No way to track this in the API and will move this into the backend.

No updates.  Running extractors using anaconda.

Michael J

Research on API's to send backend events to google analytics.

The template made with Syngenta is worth noting using Python - checks that deployments are up to date. Would like to make the template more robust.


working on flask server: endpoint to post statistic data to RabbitMQ. endpoint to check clowder healthy. flask yml file updates.  Will check with Max on accuracy before uploading

Mike B.


·Wrote slides on the system, giving today.  Will be presented in next SD meeting

·Have data/tool facet, checking on data

·Prepping to do data-tool linkages

Sparkle endpoint.

RobNo updates

No updates. Best practices putting issues in one place.


Newsletter started  - let me know if you have any article ideas

Ticket created with Marketing on 1/13 - Barb assigned 1/15


Advertising for Clowder Webinar 2/5/21.  Send to Steering Committee requesting they forward it, eWeek, Bytes & Pieces, Clowder email list, Clowder Slack Channel - Anywhere else?  I will ask Colter to send it out as well.

Clowder Conference 6/21/21 - 7/1/21 - segments no larger than 2 hours spread out over two weeks
Agenda in progress.

Updates from the Clowder Steering Meeting presented.

Action Items/To Dos: