Discussion items:

Next Webinar February 5th - Colter Wehmeier & Todd Nicholson

Articles for Newsletter - Article from Barbara Minsker

Clowder All Paws Virtual Conference June 21 to July 1?

  • Discussion about Clowder All Paws Conference.  Draft agenda shared. Suggestions put into agenda.
  • We have a few PR's (fix user account - google not working)
  • Bug fixed to reindexing when moving folders (Max)
  • Adding bulk delete files method (Max)
  • Metadata tab select (Mike B.)
  • Long file names fixed with word-warp break-word. May not work in all browsers.
  • Patch to be released with fixes
  • RabbitMQ split is running, but because it is not a plugin it doesn't have a constant connection so it doesn't work. Better way than connecting at the start of every call? singleton that is shared after initialization?
  • Compiler is running.  Working on a fix to get the function to run on a constant connection.  Guice handles instances of this. Once the singleton is fixed it will be ready to be put into an extractor.
  • Fixed bug with folder moves not being reindexed 
Mike L.
  • Created/expanded EventSinkService with per-event calls that will utilize Maxwell Burnette's new MessageService
    • Hacked the rabbitmq-split branch to make things compile for now - still missing some bits for testing end-to-end
    • Still in the process of replacing direct frontend calls to amplitude with calls to the new EventSinkService
  • Created repo for Event Sink Consumers:
    • PR open for InfluxDB consumer - not sure what fields we want to include/measure here.. include these in RMQ message?
    • WIP PR open for Amplitude consumer - not sure how to get user_id / device_id here.. include these in RMQ message?  We can treat this as Clowder is the device.  It's not working on the backend  Right now it lets you put any information as an id, but it must be filled in. Discussion followed for possible solutions to amplitude to work with both RabbitMQ and Google Analytics.


Michael J
  • working on updating the Syngenta images. Extractor images are redundant or not used.  Needs to be cleaned up.  Bring this up on the Slack channel.  We can look at the commits to see which are not being used due to being renamed.

working on Java lib to assist Extractor Development, especially, update status back to Clowder, the code will have 10 tries on failures and finally, send to the error queue.

Mike B.

JsonLD - creating slides.  Sending JsonLD to the html page.


Google login no longer working in Clowder, cilogon does work and can be used with google

Small bug fixes in clowder (I GOT TO CODE!) 




Barb is working on mocking up the text we provided. She has an interview with Barbara Minsker and Zheng Li this afternoon. 

She hopes to have a draft newsletter for review by end of the day Tuesday, Wed. morning at the latest next week.

Do we have more ideas to add?


2FA verification for Clowder Meeting?

Action Items/To Dos: