Discussion items:

Next Webinar February 5th - Colter Wehmeier & Todd Nicholson

Articles for Newsletter - Article from Barbara Minsker

Clowder All Paws Virtual Conference June 21 to July 1?

Tab for previewers on Clowder.  Could we let the users to put all of their datapoints in a set?  If we make a mock up and show a graph or grid on the side, or preferred preview?
Discussion about realigning the page and have boxes with photos, that can be accessed, but not in your "face".   Showing Steam video game previewer as an example that shows previews and tabs.
Can every preview have a thumbnail attached to it?  YES!  If there is no thumbnail, we could generate a generic image.
RabbitMQ - add no op for the message service.  New repo for activity monitor watching the event sink and upload them into MongoDB.  Docker container running on Json.
The CDDR project will  have something that may be of interest in the future, but it's in its infancy. Clowder Workbench Integration (formerly Tool Launcher)
Mike L.
nothing to add
Michael JThe extractor clean up is a work in progress, but making progress.
Bingmade a pr of java wrapper to implement java extractor.
Mike B.clowder mentioned in talk. 

Michael Bobak & Maxwell Burnette make sure to develop a standard message format.  Json is very specific language - follow that as an example.

The goal is to pick your favorite tool and it will automatically integrate into the Clowder Workbench.

Sandeepnothing to add
  • Newsletter not going out until February 5th.  Clowder Webinar will be announced separately and newsletter will discuss the talks.
LisaAdvertising Clowder All Paws Webinar.  Need more email lists! Possibly setting up a registration for future zoom meetings.

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