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Clowder All Paws Virtual Conference June 21 to June 24 - Discussion & Agenda

Clowder EOH Video - Deadline is 2/26/21

Storing Data on Clowder in perpetuity

DataCite Update (DOI minting)

Bug in PyClowder

Clowder Release


We will be making a deployment next week.  Please look at outstanding PR's before Wednesday 3/3/21.  Thank to you Sara Lambert for reviews.  Maxwell Burnette made a video for EOH showcasing Clowder.  Shannon Bradley did a video for the Software Directorate.

MaxAdding sorting to the metadata.  Adding string field and shadow field using the exclude field.  Has not tested yet.  use *_raw which should not clog Clowder when doing a search.  This is a new sprint and does not have to be deployed next week.  Max will present at the All Staff meeting.
Mike L.looking through the Rabbit MQ split.  It is hard coded to topic.  Will be doing some testing on this because fan out seems to be failing. Parameterizing this and will submit a PR.

Created pull request for bug reported on slack ( . Spaces created by user using POST were not returned by GET. 

Using helm to deploy geoserver in kubernetes/radiant.

Mark F
Mike B.

in NSF review, Kenton had clowder slides, &

I referred to the ecosystem as something that could sustain the faceted front end, to a triplestore

Michael J

Hi all,

I'm an undergraduate student working on a project for the Cozad New Venture Challenge and was wondering if we could collaborate or if I could get some advice regarding my project. 

I'm interested in trying to create a machine learning algorithm that utilizes computer vision to analyze sidewalk images from Google street view. I would love to get into touch with someone on how to begin, if the idea is feasible, and to just connect and pick someone's brain. 

Thank you,

Nathan Seiler


  • Send out Save the Date for All Paws Virtual Annual Conference

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