Discussion items:

Clowder All Paws Virtual Conference June 21 to June 24 - Discussion & Agenda - separate meeting to discuss just the All Paws?

Clowder EOH Video Ready - full video will be shared at the next SD All Hands meeting

Max presenting at NCSA All Staff Meeting 3/25/21 2:00 pm

DataCite Update (DOI minting)

Clowder Release? released!

Luigi See link for details

Massive rewrite of the message service bus


Working on Clowder/Workbench integration

Prepped PR for final RDA ingest feature (now tested with Dataverse)

Metadata sorting - sorting puts all lowercase first, then all uppercase... maybe keyword will fix? able to exclude fields from returned objects. we should decide on approach for telling Clowder to enable sorting for certain fields?

Sorts lower case THEN upper case. It would be nice if is was case insensitive.  How do we want to enable data for metadata sorting (string fields would react strangely)?

Shared Clowder/Workbench Integration Concept.

Let's use the second half of these meetings to discuss specific topics that are causing issues or showcase new stuff.

Mike L.

Integration testing the components of the Event Sink service written by Max, Bing, Michael, and myself

Attempting to create Grafana dashboards from the data, but it seems that I haven't understood how much InfluxDB would affect our data formats - given the open-ended requirements, it has been difficult to determine what is a "tag" (queryable fields as input) and what  a "field" (graphable outputs)

May need to revisit design/architecture to figure out what is missing here



Bingworked on the ingestion task to migrate uploading files statistic data to influxdb. plan to sit with Mike L to do an integration test of healthmonitor, flask service and backend consumer. Bing will discuss J-Clowder on 3/12/21.
Mark Fabsent
Mike B.

Giving demos and looking at how data will sync with Clowder.  There may be other benefits that could be used on other projects.

RobReleased the helm chart, but need to pull it back to make changes, so the current helm chart is not available. 
Michael JUpgrading and migrating from SIMPL. 

Did anyone follow up on this? Not yet

Hi all,

I'm an undergraduate student working on a project for the Cozad New Venture Challenge and was wondering if we could collaborate or if I could get some advice regarding my project. 

I'm interested in trying to create a machine learning algorithm that utilizes computer vision to analyze sidewalk images from Google street view. I would love to get into touch with someone on how to begin, if the idea is feasible, and to just connect and pick someone's brain. 

Thank you,

Nathan Seiler


All Paws Agenda Draft

Need ideas for presentations

Working on a PEARC Paper with Gateway Ambassadors which will mention Clowder as a gateway

Working with Colter (iSchool) and George A. (Cyprus) with Gateway Ambassadors about the future of gateways

Shannon shared her screen with the agenda for Clowder All Paws.

Suggesting Kaiyu working with Jong Lee on SmartFarm be added to the agenda

Suggested possibly leveraging to create interactive software tutorials


Send out Save the Date for All Paws Virtual Annual Conference - get some catch phrase to entice people to attend.

Action Items/To Dos: