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Clowder All Paws Virtual Conference June 21 to June 24 - Discussion & Agenda - Presenters

Grafana Dashboards (Mike L.)

Helm Charts - Rob

DataCite Update (DOI minting) - Lisa

J-Clowder - Bing Zhang


v1.5.1 - let's release today

All paws dev sessions:

Luigi - Overview from a developer standpoint (1 hour) (scalability, security, publishing, doi)

Luigi - How to contribute (30 mins)

Max - User oriented demo (1 hour) (search, Clowder for organizations)

Rob - How to deploy (1 hours) (cloud, kubernetes, radiant, aws)

??? - NCSA hosted Clowder instance

Luigi - 2.0 Where are we at? (30min)

??? - How to customize (config/plugins/services)(30 min)

Max - Extractors (1 hours)

Luigi - Previewers (1 hours)

??? - API (30 mins)

Max - Ingestion pipelines / workflows? (30mins) (TERRAREF-CINET-Airflow)

Sandeep - AI support (30 mins) (tensorflow, models, running model as extractor, ingest data from clowder)

Max - Codebase overview (30 mins)

Steering committee - Researcher Panel (managing data/how does Clowder fit into this?)

Lighting talks: XSEDE/Sandeep, 

*You will be in charge of the topic, but you can delegate responsibilities to others.


Queue event sink for workbench and Clowder. Wanting to move data in and out of containers easily

NDS Labs Workbench x Clowder integration

Mike L.

Running containers side by side (the smaller one called a sidecar) to fetch the data.  We need to be aware of security.


Mark F
Mike B.

search now at:

Michael J

Did anyone follow up on this? Not yet

Hi all,

I'm an undergraduate student working on a project for the Cozad New Venture Challenge and was wondering if we could collaborate or if I could get some advice regarding my project. 

I'm interested in trying to create a machine learning algorithm that utilizes computer vision to analyze sidewalk images from Google street view. I would love to get into touch with someone on how to begin, if the idea is feasible, and to just connect and pick someone's brain. 

Thank you,

Nathan Seiler


All Paws Agenda Draft

Need ideas for presentations to create interactive software tutorials


Save the Date for All Paws Virtual Annual Conference - get some catch phrase to entice people to attend.

Jong Lee ask Kaiyu Guan to present - SmartFarms

Action Items/To Dos: