Discussion items:

Clowder All Paws Virtual Conference Update

Grafana Dashboards (Mike L.)

Helm Charts - Rob

DataCite Update (DOI minting) - Lisa

katacoda for software tutorials

Jong Lee to ask Kaiyu to present


absent - need to set up a time to meet with Maryam Ghadiri to discuss Clowder (possible hosting) and Geodashboard

data: For my research, the data include: hydraulic conductivity data, soil moisture content data, distributed temp sensing data, electrical earth resistivity data, etc. 


Meeting with Klara to discuss MongoDB 4.0.  This is not up and running yet, but is being tested.

Round Table: SIMPL extractors. Creating dockers became cumbersome and we are moving away from this.  So how do we replace this? Write a wrapper function with decorators in python.  Rob has played with decorators for flask applications and found they worked well.

Techical discussion ensued.

There are 2 ways we can do this:

  • decorators, the code will have decorations that will indicate what function to call for the extractor.
    • pro: easy, python developers are familiar with this pattern
    • con: requires decorators to be there even in case of testing function
    • con: only works with python, not R
  • extractor_info.json, add some pieces to the json code to allow to create the docker image
    • pro: we already require this file, 
    • pro: works with other languages
    • con: add some build dependencies to extractor_info.json
    • con: hard to check syntax validity

Michael Johnson will dig deeper into this using decorator.

Rob says what if we give it an extractor info file adding three pieces that makes a wrapper to build the docker file

Will report finding next week.

Mike L.

No updates for Clowder


Need to review pull requests. Look into upgrading MongoDB to 4.0, Mongo Scala driver.  Working


Reviewing Industry docker

Mark Fabsent
Mike B.

Working on other projects


Updated helm chart to fix issue with rabbitmq
Plan for release of 1.16.0 early next week.

We can make releases on helm charts next week.

Michael Jworking on building extractors for SIMPL. 
SandeepNo updates
  • Event Services Meeting quote - ~1500 - waiting to see if Kenton approves
  • Meeting with Marketing 3/26 at 2:00pm  to cover swag, advertising, registration, Save the Date, etc.
  • DataCite - Purchasing has to send in paperwork by the end of the month - received answer from Kenton McHenry   we will prorate on the fiscal year
    • if paperwork gets in by EOM - membership will start on May 1
    • Sarah believes she has all she needs now

Action Items/To Dos: