Discussion items:

Clowder All Paws Virtual Conference Update

Grafana Dashboards (Mike L.)

Helm Chart Release - Rob

DataCite Update (DOI minting) - Lisa

katacoda for software tutorials

Presenters for Clowder All Paws

MongoDB 4.0 Update

Meeting with Maryam Ghadiri 3/29


clowder 1.16.0 released

  • should fix issue for docker
  • absent
Mike L.

Working towards events being logged in RabbitMQ for consumers to view.  We can use grafana to graph them out.  Health monitor is for the case when Clowder is down - it can send up/down notifications through Flask API.  We need to run all things at once to see if all of the pieces work together.


Volume playing running on Kubernetes and are really large files. We want to mount them to the extractor file system.  Persistent claim gets stuck in "pending".  Will be working on fixing this. Mike L offered his help.  PR for deleting files.  Industry partner wants to use Mongo 4.0


Reviewed PR.

Mark Fabsent
Mike B.

Working with text.


updated helm chart to reflect clowder 1.16.0

update clowder in industry

Michael Jinvestgating changing the SIMPL extractor

All Paws Agenda Draft - use first tab - Moving to a single track - conference moving to 3 days long - will get approval from Steering Committee for possible paid speaker from Science Gateways (link to talks are in agenda - but they can tailor to just Clowder and how to engage with / build communities)

KatieIntroduced herself to the Clowder group
  • Event Services Meeting quote - ~1500 - waiting to see if Kenton approves (this was quote for 4 days - 3 days would be about 1100)
  • Meeting now three days rather than four - planning for 200 attendees
  • DataCite - Membership may start June 1 if signatures are obtained from purchasing.
    • Per Kenton: 

      we’ll need to put a pollicy around how it is used (as we would need to be responsible for data that gets a minted DOI)

      but the idea is to allow all our software that handles data to potentially mint a DOI if efforts need that ability

  • Save the Date went out 3/31/21.  Registration form is done.  Swag RTP's in progress.

Action Items/To Dos:

  •  Elizabeth Yanello Shannon Bradley Web Page up/Registration/agenda/Save the Date - done
  • Lisa & Shannon present updates on the Clowder All Paws Conference 4/2/21 - done