• CDDR proposal for Mongo 2.0 to Mongo 4.0?
  • S3 Buckets
    • spend some time next week discussing
    • technical discussion ensued
    • Max will create an issue

Discussion items:

  • spend 20 min before next week's meeting reviewing and adding to the doc above
  • a single bullet for each slide
    • sub bullets to expand on what is contained in that slide
  • Edits, updates are noted in the Google Doc
  • Register for Clowder All Paws
  • Language you can use to promote the conference:
  • Please fill out the document for what you will be doing:
  • Video format: need to be submitted a week in advance. "The videos can be MP4 format and should be at least 1280x720 and maintain the 16:9 aspect ratio at higher resolutions."
  • Rob and Max discuss handing over 1 session to Rob next week
  • Make  your presentations engaging and interesting.

Demo presented on how to pre-record a presentation to be used for Clowder All Paws.  Sliedes can be made without audio and then the voice over can be recorded separately. Check your audio levels before submitting.  Check and double check your presentation.

Video File: MP4

For Audio Files: MP3 will be best as far as compression

**Plan on one day for recording a half  hour video.  Max offers to help with editing.

Alternative: self record in zoom and talk through it simultaneously.

QuickTime is another alternative.

Mike L.



Mark F
Mike B.


Michael J


These are the highlights of items that will be worked on next:

  • Arranging individual speakers
  • Planning for pre-recorded speakers as needed
  • Swag arrived.  Will be assembling and shipping out next week.  Issue: we only have 29 registrants thus far.

Action Items/To Dos: