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  • Re-write as we migrate
  • Annual Report

Discussion items:

  • ran Luigi's 2.0 branch with silhouette seed, currently using memory vs. Mongo. my intention is to implement a few basic file endpoints using memory mongo to see how we can handle the Future[] signatures. If that goes well, we can go forward with this branch I think. Future return type is required but Clowder does not work in the future.  If this goes well, we may not have to do a complete re-write for 2.0  The Mongo DAO's work. Technical discussion of what will make our endpoint faster.
  • demo'ing workbench-clowder interaction next week or two
  • Structure of code will change.  Replication is not having 1:1. Some terminology is different. Current code expects a dataset, not a future.  This is a complicated procedure unless we find a middle piece to link them.  The Mongo driver is asyncronous and returns  futures.  The Mongo layer will need to be re-written for 2.0.
  • Max wants to try to implement end points next week with a wiki page showing a "how to".  Authorization is another piece of the puzzle.
Mike L.

Will work with Chen on her PR's.


geoserver PR's in docker compose.  Max will take a look.


no updates

Mark Fabsent
Mike B.

metadata viz in the NoteBooks, start of rdflib to networkx and some graphviz svg

Michael J

no updates


working on

Has two bug fixes open.  Please take a look so I can merge. Mike Lambert will take a look.

Been playing with react frontend and going to the stand alone with the current API.  Showed demo.  This is a work in progress and will create an explore page

MIke Lambert notes  React should support routes and parameters as well, but I think there’s a plugin for that

Yeah it does, I can still use query parameters to pass the fileId/datasetId to a new route. But I’m trying to see if I can avoid that. Cuz I’m using redux, all those information should already be there internally


DataCite still stuck in purchasing.  I check on it once a week.

Action Items/To Dos: