• Advertise 1.18.0 release
  • Re-write as we migrate
  • Annual Report

Discussion items:

  • Business office meeting to discuss the space we need  by creating tiers on Radiant and the cost.  If we create a hub, we need to charge everyone for access to this. We also need to discuss how to charge for each tier of service.
  • There are a lot of outstanding PR's that need to be reviewed by next week.
  • Luigi is working on Flask API.  Trying different drivers to write to Mongo.  (Json/Pydantic) 
  • If you've used JW tokens, reach out to Luigi
  • CSSI report is due by the end of August.  Max is working on this and Todd will give his updates and Luigi will submit to Kenton.
  • 2.0 seed extension project underway - implementing dataset as bigger test
  • extractor permissions discussion with Luigi. Simplify the rules and rely on current permissions.  We won't need an admin, but we will add new fields.
  • Max requests that all put his name on the PR so he sees that he's supposed to review.
  • Create a template and move everything to Clowder 2.0.  It will be a long process. (Building on top of template rather than a full re-write).
Mike L.

OAuth uses JW tokens. Giving a presentation next week on keycloak.  Will share a link on SD general.

  • pull requests open for review, working on adding bytes for space after feedback from Rob
  • need to investigate why geotiff-metadata isn't working with the latest on pdg clowder instance
  • get 2.0 tasks from Luigi
  • Extractor using SSH (XSEDE) and uploads it back to Clowder, but is shows the user ID.  Will be working on disabling this.  Luigi suggests we create a pattern or diagram of how this works so that it is available for others.

nothing to add

Mike B.


  • Nebula will sunset in October.  We need to push the migration to Radiant.  I want to use kubernetes rather than docker swarm.  Pushing for SD to pay for this.  Luigi and Rob will discuss who will work on this. 
  • Sites that cannot go down: CINet (just moving data is left), Cyprus
  • Discussion about making a hub in Clowder for smaller instances.  Terra-Form has been created. We need to define the users using UUID's.  We will test taking two users and merging them into one. Develop expectations for the hub.
  • Max and Rob need to discuss Terra-Ref, which has a peta byte of data and is too big for the hub.
  • Clowder 1.18.0 was released on 8/16.21. 
Michael J

nothing to add

  • PR to add "when" in a few endpoints (for querying a date, for example) for pagination.  Chen shared her screen showing the frontend with changes she made since last week.
  • continue working on react frontend (pagination, starting with create dataset, etc...)
  • React Json Schema Form is powerful and will be using in IN-CORE
  • Following the design.

Same as last week: DataCite is stuck at purchasing

Action Items/To Dos: