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Discussion items:

2.0 discussion mostly presented by Luigi, Todd, Max.

Demo Workbench Integration Extractor

Rob notes that if you have 100K files it is slowing down the system. Takes 1 or 2 seconds to get the folder back.  We don't have the folder ID with the file. Rob Kooper will fix this.  Mongo has been added.

Bugs has been submitted by external users.  Please take a look at these. 

Discussion of proposals for new features in Clowder (GitHub enhancement or Clowder-framework/clowder-discussions).  This will be mentioned in the next newsletter. Discussions is a new feature. There is a route to get this to an issue. Issues should have a deliverable at the end.

Idea to design then lock it.

Check questions in Slack.

Discussion about previewers dynamically loading.  See notes under Chen's issues.

Loading a remote script:

Mike L.:  For hypothetical non-React things, the “useScript” hook might possibly help as well? might help avoid needing to embed <script> tags to load them in React.

Luigi: for React hooks.

Discussion about help with faculty fellows.  Todd is looking for help.  Talk to the faculty to see how comfortable they are with Clowder.  Todd will get more information and get back to the team.  Give them options and get a sense of what they are comfortable.  Include Rob and Luigi on the email.

Chen's faculty fellow - HIPAA compliant is needed to see if this can be installed on Nightingale.  If this is not possible, perhaps we can do anonymous data.  Meeting at 3:00 pm on 9/27/21.

Please look at this doc as we did not get time to address it in today's meeting.  Be prepared to talk about it next week:

LuigiChecks passed on 275. Test integration updated.  Once the three fixes are done, we can do a release - perhaps early October.
  • demo the workbench integration extractor. explain how it is set up. CDDR workbench meeting.
  • ability to run an arbitrary extractor. permissions model - give it an key and it will start a sub-queue.  If you provide an email address, it will limit it to that user. RabbitMQ remove endpoint.  We want to have the capability to control permissions.  Demo will be ready next week.
  • Abstract submitted to ScienceGateways Conference.
Mike L.
Mike B.
Michael J


  • discussion about loading previewer dynamically.  Looking for suggestions. Need to recompile after changing dependencies for previewers.  Kaveh Karimi Asli wants to know how users approach this. Admins not users should be able to add files to the server.  Discussion continued about how to get this to work for  users or admins with React. 
  • Previewer hub could have pre-approved instances with portals and embed a third party code. (Kaveh).
  • Loading a pre-bundle issue.  Do we need to re-write the landing page?
  • Previewers requires an extractor so both need to be present.  Rob suggested solutions to this such as a json file. 
  • open an issue and investigate adding metadata id in GET /api/datasets(files)/{id}/metadata.jsonld.  Needs the ID.  Will open PR next week.

Action Items/To Dos: