There are three ways to utilize Elasticsearch via Clowder:

  1. Using the /api/search endpoint
  2. Using Search box in the upper right of Clowder
  3. Going to Explore > Advanced Search

We want to make sure there is consistency in behavior across these methods as much as possible.


  • documented in Swagger
  • automatically handles spaces in phrases via parsing request string
  • ?query=
    • supports some regular expressions e.g. .*
  • ?resource_type=file|dataset|collection
  • ?field=
    • metadata field name, "metadata." prefix not required
  • ?datasetid= ?collectionid= ?tag=
  • example parsing:

/search (via Search box)

  • poorly documented
  • by default, searches _all indexed fields
    • id, name, creator, parent_of, child_of, description, tags, comments, metadata
    • _all will not delve into nested objects by default, so useless for metadata unless user specifies a field as shown below
  • general idea was to support basic : notation for being more specific
    • for nested objects like metadata, metadata.fieldname notation is required
  • example queries:
    • banana
    • "baby carrots"
    • metadata.Favorite Fruit:banana
    • metadata.Favorite Snack:"baby carrots"
    • metadata.Favorite Fruit:banana metadata.Favorite Snack:"baby carrots"
  • should we support this kind of notation? to what extent?
    • would be nice if the same features were available to both API and search box

/metadata/search (a.k.a. Advanced Search)

  • easier to use visually
  • limited to metadata fields
  • supports space filtering
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