The following interactive mockups have been provided for discussion and feedback. To interact with the mockups, hover over one and click the "full-screen" button at the top–right of the diagram.


When an extractor starts up, it sends a POST request to Clowder. The POST request turns the fields contained within its extractor_info.json into an ExtractorInfo object in Clowder.

This ExtractorInfo object is used to list the extractors in multiple contexts, but the view we are targeting here is /spaces/:id/extractors

Flex Table

The "Flex Table" (as I've deemed it) would likely offer the best balance for power-users and novices alike, but would likely be more difficult to implement than the "Metadata View" options below


The "Show Columns" dropdown could allow users to show additional columns that start off hidden by default (e.g. "Author")

Selecting "Author" in the "Show Columns" dropdown would then display the "Author" column in the data grid

Metadata View

As another option, we could keep the current "Update Extractors" view close to the current implementation and add a link to a new view where we list the full details of an individual extractor.

Clicking the names of the extractors below would function as links to either the Raw or Formatted metadata view (depending on which we choose to implement)


More suited for a developer-centric workflow, where users will likely need to copy one or more fields from ExtractorInfo


Same idea as above, except that we format/hide particular fields in a user-friendly manner.

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