Current Specifications: 
  1. If you create a collection in a space or the collection page, you are creating a ROOT collection, and it shows up in the Collection Page.
  2. If you create a collection within a collection is a NESTED collection. It does not show up in the collection page.
  3. If you add a ROOT collection2 as a NESTED collection1, collection 2 will be inside collection1 as a nested collection, but it will still exist as a ROOT collection and show up in the collections page. 
  4. A collection can have multiple parents. 
  5. A ROOT collection doesn't have any parents and are the ones that show in the Collection Page. 
  6. Add Collection button inside a collection page, that gives the option to create a new collection or add a collection from a list. 
  7. A collection will have a parent list. And a root flag (Whether it is ROOT or not). 
  1. Specify how permissions will work in the nested collection? 
    1. Who can create a nested collection? (Author or  EditPermission)
    2. Who can move a nested collection? (Author or EditPermission)
  2. Can a collection be a NESTED collection of 2 ROOT collections? Is it a copy or a reference/link? 
  3. How do we differentiate a ROOT vs a NESTED collection? - A flag to indicate it is a root collection or not. 
Future Improvements
  1. Add Metadata or Tags to the collection 
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