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(Work in Progress)

Plugins can enabled by adding a line in custom/play.plugins 

Plugins that are enabled in conf/play.plugins can't be disabled. 

The list of all available plugins is available at: 

What each of the optional plugins do: 

securesocial.core.providers.*: These are different secure social providers. They allow users to sign up using different services such as facebook, linkedin, instagram, among others. Note that enabling this plugins require additional configuration in custom.conf including authorization tokens and client ids. To see what is needed for each specific provider look at conf/securesocial.conf and override the necessary configuration in custom.conf
#10502:services.PostgresPlugin : Enables capabilities for geodashboard. There are different endpoints within /geostreams namespace which corresponds to geo spatial data organized in sensors, streams and data points that can only be accessed if the plugin is enabled
#10800:services.StagingAreaPlugin: This enables functionality created for publishing a dataset. The staging area buttons show up in a dataset or space where the curation process for a dataset can be started. Users will be able to curate the metadata and use matchmaker for reviewing the details of the dataset and if it will be accepted by a publishing library. 
#10901:services.SpaceCopyPlugin: Allows users to copy a dataset or collection to a different space. In the UI there will be an additional dropdown similar to add to space but for copying to space.
#10900:services.SpaceSharingPlugin: Allows users to add a dataset or collection to more than one space. 

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