As we ingest metadata from 3rd party repositories we need a means of promoting certain metadata such, as the URL to the source, and displaying it prominently as part of the dataset view. We envision a panel on the right hand side that will display all these promoted metadata fields prominently for the user.  Additionally when we access clowder through the API from other applications, we can include this promoted metadata as part of the information returned, not requiring a second query to get this information. For example if we have a field in the metadata that links to the remote location of the data (say url) and this is promoted in the space, when the user requests information about the dataset, besides the normal information such as name, author, it will also return this additional field (in this case url). 



The metadata-tab is a great replacement for the 'details'; the only thing that is needed would be to have that tab selected when you get to the page. Especially given that the Clowder dataset is presently a stub to hold the metadata; it has no files. So files is a bad default tab.  Since the 'Title' now links to the interim Clowder stub page, I've added the link to the data page at the end of the description. So it will still show up in the search results.  It often but not always ends up as a clickable link.   If it was more consistent it would be a more useable search.  I had also considered just using the Clowder API, to hook into our present web page at one point.  One thought there was having something like a gDoc read-only link, or in this case a key, or there could be a search-user w/read-only access to all the metadata of interest.  It would also be nice to have the preview image be able to display the space's logo-image, especially as there are not files to preview, &that is what our users have come to expect.

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