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The suggested features described in this page came up during the IARP project meetings. Most are interface improvements related to exploring data content in Clowder.

Suggestions (listed in decreasing order of priority)

  1. Having a "contains" query in the advanced search will provide a much better searching experience. Right now we are only providing "equals", "greater than", "less than", and "does not equal". (CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN CLOWDER)
  2. In the advanced and basic search results, having a thumbnail adjacent to the result item will help user to get a quick preview of the data item before they click on the link.
  3. Better visibility for advanced search page. Right now, advanced search page is under "Explore" menu and sometimes users don't tend to find that easily. There is a related task here:  CATS-756 - Getting issue details... STATUS . If the advanced search link can be somewhere near the basic search, it'll definitely improve its visibility. 
  4. Listing datasets in a collection in a grid-like view will help in using up some more space in that page and thus will help in displaying more datasets at the same time. We already have such a view for collections. This can be made switchable between say gridview and listview.
  5. Grid view in basic and advanced search results can also be useful in showing more results per page.
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  1. Big fan of all of these suggestions!