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Current Sprint:


 Start EndObjectivePlanAgile Board Deliverables
52015 Jun 42015 July 2

Improve productization of FP-Akka based on SPNHC/iDigBio webinar feedback - fix heap overflow issues with processing large datasets, handle a wider range of DarwinCore occurrence dataset inputs. 

Conduct engineering experiments into YesWorkflow markup of object oriented workflow code, and ability of Akka to work with both record streaming actors and actors that operate on datasets in bulk.

Sprint 5 PlanSprint 5 ReportFP-Akka 1.5.0
42015 Jan 262015 Mar 30

Infrastructure: Git repository for kurator-akka work.  Bamboo builds. 

Improved csv input handlng for kurator-akka

 Sprint 4 Report 
3 11/10/1412/0214Finish features partially implemented in v0.1, and add documentation for developers and users.Sprint 3 PlanSprint 3 Reportkurator-akka v0.2


 10/21/1411/09/14Deliver a minimal working software package by the end of the TDWG 2014 Conference.Sprint 2 Plan

Sprint 2 Report

kurator-akka v0.1
1 10/05/1410/21/14Set up project management and automated build infrastructure for Kurator.Sprint 1 Plan

Sprint 1 Report

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