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Discussion items

  • Reviewing PRs - tracking events for all submissions together
    • How are we going to manage keeping changes in Clowder and PyClowder in sync
    • Max had same issues with extractor message type - open issue
    • Discussion of impacts and solution ideas - people with their own code and extractors are impacted
  • Mike L going to look at it
  • working on UI - tabbing, white space
  • Getting some basic documentation on common questions is planned for next week
  • PR script to clean up extractor files
  • Disk space limitation
  • regular check - thinking about q 2 weeks
    • Script delete - give dates
  • can use Max's script
Maxwell Burnette

Live Demo -

  • Error -
    • running 2.0 branch
    • could be intelij?
    • no project called clowder defined
    • Luigi has seen it
      • svt gets confused because of different versions of svt
      • delete target directories - under project
      • under project/project
      • properties of project - sdk on left - Luigi will get back on what to fix there
    • do we need to change pyclowder?  talk to Rob
  • Image Previewer - error messages in error queue - script to look at messages in queue and check resource or file if it exists - send it back - if it doesn't - delete it
    • doesn't handle true fail
    • to be run as needed when queue is full

Worked with Luigi on UI for clowder - JobID

  • make something optional to not break backwards capability discussion

Release of mobile app - can run on emulator

  • Beta release of android
  • First closed alpha release of iphone planned
  • need to deal with key/signing issues to handle release

Action items