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  • Presented to NASA machine learning group last week
  • Presented at this week
  • 1.12.0 almost ready to go
  • Slides are typically shown at the webinar.  A demo would be nice. 20 minutes per presentation.  The webinar will be recorded and posted on YouTube.
  • Here is the template for slides: All Paws Webinars
  • Discussion with Mike L. about the extractor catalog, the labeling feature and generic search filter.  Spaces is a drop down and we may add autocomplete.  Hoping for a pull request next week.

    Rob Kooper In datasets we already have the capability to search, you may be able to copy the code.  Searching within a space would grab global if it works within that space.

    Michael Lambert extractors can be private to a space, so would not show up.

    We can list the private space and hide the extractor.  Only Super admins can see everything. 

    Maxwell Burnette Fetching list of spaces for autocomplete; list extractors behind the scenes and only show the global extractors for that space.  This should be ready to roll out by the middle of next week.

  • Working on Sprint in recording
  • Added a bunch of extractors to the Clowder catalog and need to get the air handler looking better to eliminate errors.
  • Rob Kooper write a few paragraphs with explanations.
  • Going to get the link and the icon done this afternoon.
  • pull request to remove secretkey from extractor log in the Graylog functionality.
  • Github experience - Github robo made a pull request. Luigi Marini please move your extractors to GitHub.
  • If I go in with Clowder credentials, I can see the information. The proxy is there to print out other logs. Luigi Marini would like to discuss this further offline
  • Extractors are set to upgrade to Python 3.  Please test on a local machine.
Mike L.
  • Dragged search filter ticket into sprint, attempting to get labels + filters code working together
  • I think I've got a good pattern for the matching ANY/ALL stuff as well - yay, set theory!
  • Try to get the work done on what is in the sprint.. if you find yourself doing tasks outside of sprint, ask if they should be dragged in (this is called "scope creep")
  • Who is my audience for the Clowder webinar?  Should I present basics or advanced
Mike B.absent
  • Got contributor guidelines and PR's for Clowder. CLA signatures are required in Rokwire. Rokwire has become Open Source.  It would be easier to click the checkbox rather than signatures.
  • There was a security pull request. GitHub has been requesting the correct permissions before requesting PR's.
  • No Clowder related updates this week
  • Tensor flow in Kubernetes
  • We need to find out how much space will be needed. The spreadsheet should tell you how much memory is available.
  • Todd should check the wiki for the spreadsheet.

  •  Action: 
  •  Michael Lambert create an issue for List of Extractors in FAQ's