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Discussion items

  • Presented to NASA machine learning group last week
  • Presented at http://museumbigdata.org/ this week
  • 1.12.0 almost ready to go
  • Slides are typically shown at the webinar.  A demo would be nice. 20 minutes per presentation.  The webinar will be recorded and posted on YouTube.
  • Here is the template for slides: All Paws Webinars
  • Discussion with Mike L. about the extractor catalog, the labeling feature and generic search filter.  Spaces is a drop down and we may add autocomplete.  Hoping for a pull request next week.

    Rob Kooper In datasets we already have the capability to search, you may be able to copy the code.  Searching within a space would grab global if it works within that space.

    Sara Lambert extractors can be private to a space, so would not show up.

    We can list the private space and hide the extractor.  Only Super admins can see everything. 

    Maxwell Burnette Fetching list of spaces for autocomplete; list extractors behind the scenes and only show the global extractors for that space.  This should be ready to roll out by the middle of next week.

  • Working on Sprint in recording
  • Added a bunch of extractors to the Clowder catalog and need to get the air handler looking better to eliminate errors.
  • Rob Kooper write a few paragraphs with explanations.
  • Going to get the link and the icon done this afternoon.
  • pull request to remove secretkey from extractor log in the Graylog functionality.
  • Github experience - Github robo made a pull request. Luigi Marini please move your extractors to GitHub.
  • If I go in with Clowder credentials, I can see the information. The proxy is there to print out other logs. Luigi Marini would like to discuss this further offline
  • Extractors are set to upgrade to Python 3.  Please test on a local machine.
Mike L.
  • Dragged search filter ticket into sprint, attempting to get labels + filters code working together
  • I think I've got a good pattern for the matching ANY/ALL stuff as well - yay, set theory!
  • Try to work on what is in the sprint.. if you find yourself doing tasks outside of sprint, ask if they should be dragged in (this is called "scope creep")
  • Who is my audience for the Clowder webinar?  Should I present basics or advanced
Mike B.absent
  • Got contributor guidelines and PR's for Clowder. CLA signatures are required in Rokwire. Rokwire has become Open Source.  It would be easier to click the checkbox rather than signatures.
  • There was a security pull request. GitHub has been requesting the correct permissions before requesting PR's.
  • No Clowder related updates this week
  • Tensor flow in Kubernetes
  • We need to find out how much space will be needed. The spreadsheet should tell you how much memory is available.
  • Todd should check the wiki for the spreadsheet.

  • Action: 
  • Sara Lambert create an issue for List of Extractors in FAQ's