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no  updates

Mike L.
  • Reworked auto-archiving of files in Clowder S3. 
  • PR for Clowder Archive Config Cleanup & S3 Archiver updates open - please review
  • Updated Clowder docs for Archiving Files
    • Discussion about difficulty keeping wiki in sync with READMEs - different syntax
    • Long-term, we will need to migrate away from Confluence anyway
  • Tested Flask API to integrate integration with eventsink

The PR file from Todd is very large and needs to be reviewed very closely before it is merged.  Remove one piece of code and merge into Pyclowder.

Bingreview the industrial extractor and left comments on it. small updates on JClowder and prepare the demo of JClowder.
Mark Fabsent
Mike B.

new Vue based search alpha up now

  • Clowder 1.15.1 was released this week - mostly bug fixes.
  • Keep an eye on Slack for questions and concerns and possibly put in github.
  • Getting a Helm Chart out for 1.15.1
  • For most up to date information, see github repository.  The extractor is more user focused.  Suggest that the link be used for the public.  MIke B will add a note to the following page
     to lead people to the most current update page.
Michael Jabsent
  • Awaiting approval on Save the Date;
  • Request for swag, registration, event services, etc., sent to comms.
  • Budget Meeting - 3/22/21 @ 1:00 pm.
  • Event Services Meeting - Dan Panno - 3/23/21 @ 1:00 pm
  • Meeting with Marketing to cover swag, advertising, registration, Save the Date, etc. - Steve Duensing - next week TBD
  • Still waiting for purchasing to respond to DataCite request