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  • Colter Wehmeier, Informatics, PhD student at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, will discuss Community Networking with Clowder and Unity 3D. This presentation covers the foundational work of making the installation, its challenges, success, and how its toolset brings new kinds of research opportunities to the table. Slides
  • Todd Nicholson, Research Programmer, NCSA, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign will discuss How to deploy the geoserver along with the clowder geospatial extractors and previewer. Instructions will be provided on how to deploy this using docker-compose and relevant files shared. Slides


  • General updates slides
  • Rob Kooper Rob Kooper will discuss Helm Deployment of Clowder. Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard for docker orchestration, and helm a well established method for deploying applications.  We will describe the helm chart that can be used to quickly install clowder in kubernetes. We will go over the customization options as well as how to upgrade clowder. Slides
  • Mark Fredricksen Mark Fredricksen will discuss Clowder Transformations Catalog. The Transformations Catalog is designed as a catalog for extractors that may be used with Clowder. People can submit created extractors for advertisement to the wider Clowder community.