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All paws meetings are online webinars for the community to learn about the status of the project and future directions. For more information please join the mailing list or ask on Slack.

Join us online using Zoom or in person at NCSA in room 2100. Please share this invite with anyone who might be interested.


  • Mike Lambert Michael Lambert will discuss brand new functionality in Clowder to set parameters when manually submitting a job to an extractor and how to create extractors that support this functionality.  Slides

  • Luigi Marini Luigi Marini will give a brief overview of data visualization in Clowder and how to develop and deploy new data visualizations. Slides






Attendance: Luigi, Rob, Michael, Yan, Chris, Indira, Todd, Max, Sandeep

Slides: clowder-20161114.pdf


Attendance: Luigi, Rob, Michal, Shannon, Smruti, Brock, Jong, Yan, Chris, Indira, Tod, Marcus, Kenton


Attendance: Luigi, Rob, Michal, Yong Wook, Max, Shannon, Smruti, Rui, Brock, Sandeep, Jong, Yan, Omar, Inna, Chris 

Slides: clowder-20160623.pdf

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