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As the Clowder database becomes filled with metadata generated by a large number of extractors, it is becoming difficult to search through the generated metadata using the advanced search feature. Currently all of the user-defined metadata field names get displayed in a drop down list by default and the remaining of the metadata fields (extractor-generated) are accessible via an autocomplete feature. If the user knows some of the metadata fields in the system, then it is possible to type in the first few characters and the autocomplete will help in listing the available metadata fields. Even with this, browsing a large number of metadata fields is painful. If the user is provided a small list of commonly used or key metadata fields by default, It’ll help them to quickly select one from that list and search.


The main purpose of this feature is to provide the admins with the capability to promote a selected list of extractor-generated metadata fields and provide them better visibility through the advanced search page.

Major changes needed:

  1. We will have a new page where the admin can manage and promote some technical (extractor-generated) metadata, which will be displayed in the advanced search page.
  2. Adding a metadata field to promoted list should be kept simple. Since all of the information about the metadata field is available in extractor info JSON file, this process can be as simple as selecting an item from an autocompleted list.
  3. We will need to create a new Mongo collection to store the promoted extractor-generated metadata fields. This will be empty in the beginning.
  4. Once the extractor-generated metadata field is added to the database, it should appear in the advanced search page in the default drop down list. The drop down list should be grouped as user-generated and extractor-generated.
  5. If needed, display better names for the two kinds of metadata:
    1. For example, user-generated metadata and extractor-generated (or machine-generated or software-generated or auto-extracted) metadata. Technical metadata probably does not convey the meaning properly since both user and extractor generated metadata can be technical in nature.
    2. Also, currently what we have in the advanced page is "metadata definitions". I think this refers more to the definition of the metadata field than the metadata field or name itself. Probably this needs to be changed as well to have better clarity.
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