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WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday

Support Workbench at Data Driven Ag Conference

Clean up and test my dev cluster

Brown Dog - backlog refinement

Complete PR comments

Prepare dev environment for first deployment of clusterman

  •  Cover Crop
    • Project meeting
    • Code Review
  • Ergo
    • Prepare lightning talk for NSF big data hub meeting
  • IN-Core
    • Code review
    • Work on publishing scenario earthquake/tornado visualization data to data repository

  • Science Platforms workshop
  • CSSI proposals
  • BD outreach
  • HR
  •  gltg
    • servers
  • vbd
    • set up clowder instance
  • finalize Engineering Open House prep
  • ElasticSearch indexing
  • TERRA processing
    • missing Geostreams data eval
    • fullfield progress?
    • AZ pipeline Clowder reinitialization
    • MongoDB cleanup cron job
  • NDS
  • KnowEnG
    • Provide Matt/Charles access to the AWS Kubernetes cluster for further testing
    • Discuss next steps for Kubernetes proof-of-concept
  • Crops in Silico
    • Send out internal questionnaire, figure out software needs for upcoming workshop
    • Substitute real values for remaining placeholder fields (e.g. driver, args, etc)
  • GLTG
    • Re-run Parser for Flux Tower
    • Re-run Parser for Allerton non-Decagon
    • GEOD-1042 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • IMLCZO-215 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • IMLCZO-217 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Fragility Mapping
    • Rules Engine
    • Conversion Script
    • Mapping Service


  • NIH Reports
  • Platform Update
  • Dev Support


  • Set up Dev Environment
  •  Remember what I am supposed to do this week
  • HR tasks
    • new employees
    • interview questions
    • training
  • Reports
  • Sprint Planning for all teams
  • In-Core documentation
  • Signature follow up
  • Reimbursement follow up
  • Nebula Equipment Cost followup
  • Budgets
  • Plan meetings
  • Update hindcast python code's format and variable names based on PEP8 standard
  • Create metadata import script
  • Test pycsw to work with agri-clowder
  • Fixed incore2 vms (geoserver, datawolf, frontend)
  • Finallize tornado hindcast python code refactoring
  • Created FileController in the data repository
  • Updated data repository unit test
  • Tested pycsw transation method


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