I have received some feedback from a user that I thought made a lot of sense as a recommended improvement.

Their experience was that they found it cumbersome to navigate (locate) the spaces and datasets they were recently interested in.

Basically, the stuff you own is under "You" and everything, including the stuff you own, is under "Explore".  The feeling is that it would be nice if there was some other ways to locate objects quickly.  Emphasis on QUICKLY.

Ideas include, but are not limited to....

1) Have a view that groups objects by role (e.g. Owned, Admin, Editor, Viewer). Thinking is you are likely more interested in things in that order...Own->Admin->Editor->Viewer.

2) Have a "Recently Visited" view. For instance, the last 20 objects I accessed.

3) Allow for designation of "Favorites" that you can "pin" to a quick access list.

4) ????

Note: The "Follow" functionality is along these lines but a) takes a few clicks to get to what you want.  b) isn't really the same thing as favorite/recent but is still useful for what it was designed for.

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