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African lions catch about 25% of the prey they chase.  Dragonflies catch 95%.

Friday Lightning Talks: open


WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday

Out of office

replying emails

Out of office

replying emails


  • Campus Initiative

    • Meetings

      • Project Methodology

      • Tech Svcs + NCSA software to discuss innovation and infrastructure

    • Continued tech research

  • Catch up on state of the system
  • Attend logistics
  • Finish up compress cfits
  • Mostly, spent time on logistics
  • Started exploring cfits and rpm
  • NCSA Software
  • Arctic proposal
  • EarthCube proposal
  • SCCI organization
  • HR
  • NCSA Software
  • Arctic proposal
  • SCCI organization
  • HR
  • Geodashboard V3 PR reviews and release
  • Clowder PR reviews / finish up user key propagation
  • HR
  • Deep Learning Speed Learning
  • Geodashboard V3 PR reviews and release
  • Clowder PR reviews
  • HR
  • Deep Learning Speed Learning



  • FD-113 - Getting issue details... STATUS finish

  • FD-114 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • FD-51 - Getting issue details... STATUS json output


  • describe 4Ceed Extractors, probably requires installing 4CeeD somewhere
  • Misc
    • Slack
    • Email
    • Time Entry
    • VSL
    • GEOD-1184 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • GLTG
    • Re-ran Parsers for Flux Tower and Allerton non-Decagon
    • GEOD-1183 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • IMLCZO-255 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • IMLCZO-256 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • IMLCZO-257 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  •  BD
    • pecan issue #2046, ftp maybe shut down by gorevnment, will try this later.
    • clowder new widget for annotation metadata-- not finish, most is function
    • talk with Rob about LDAP register script, need to talk to Nathan Tolbert
  • CC
    • new PR for modify planting and harvest.
    • review Sandeep's wiki for PATCH APIs
  • Finish working on incore-service and ambassador
  • Fix extractor-geo in world level size geo dataset
  • Finish incore services dataset's bounding box ingestion
  • Finish updating the incore mongodb using relative paths in the file descriptor's url
  • Finished draft test on incore-service and ambassador
  • Found out the problem in extractors-geo with worldwide size geo dataset
  • Finished working on bounding box ingestion to incore dataset in data service
  • Finished updating incore service database to use relative path in the file descriptor


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