I have included two files that will guide the discussion for the changes to the arc and plc payment calculations. Note that there are two changes

1. The reference price is changed to the effective reference price in both the ARC and PLC modules. The effective reference price equals:
.85 x the Olympic average of the five previous prices (through out high and low price)
The effective reference price is cupped (minimum) at the reference price and capped (maximum) at 1.15 times the reference price

2.  A trend is added to the benchmark yield in ARC.

The code describes the changes.

  File Modified
File arc Modifications Mar 16, 2019 by Gary Schnitke
File plc Modifications Mar 16, 2019 by Gary Schnitke

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  1. Gary Schnitke Jonathan Coppess

    “ARC Trend Yield” values in input file are provided as below.
    1.099220054 Kansas Linn
    -0.835420809 Kansas Logan
    0.873220921 Kansas Lyon

    What does “ARC Trend Yield” mean and what is it's unit? Is it a percent? Can we round it to decimals on the front end?

    We currently have it implemented on the frontend to display the units as bushels/acre, if it's something else we need to update it soon.