Chen Wang Yong Wook Kim 


Status check

  • Github Actions (YWK) → in progress
    • Manual check doesn’t work → created new issue

    • Explain (github.event_name == env.GITHUB_BRANCH == 'main’)

  • PR that adds smile-clowder interaction to docker-compose  (Chen)
    • Discussion about AWS_ACCESSKEY and etc → keep it as it is for now but created new issue
    • Image versions. Update when release → create task for future improvement by having a config.yaml file
  • Remove host IP (YWK) → Done
  • Clean up documentation (YWK). Details refer to note → Done
  • PR that addresses separate Import page (Chen) → Need review 


  • Sort through notes and put down more documentations if suited (YWK)
  • NCSA all staff 3 minute lightening talks slides ddl Dec. 11 (Chen)
  • Downloadable citations e.g. bibtex (Chen)
  • Add DNS known host and practice shutting down radiant instances. Preparing for the Radiant shutdown (Chen) → Luigi will demo how to next Tuesday Dec.12 


  • Check Twitter paid plan (Chen & Lisa Y)
  • Rewrite AutoPhrase (Chen)

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