Added some some videos showing what we are doing for our Green Infrastructure use case with Barbara Minsker, Art Schmidt, and Bill Sullivan at UIUC.  In an effort to study the human health impacts of our day to day environment a number of extraction tools were built and deployed to do things such as assign a green index to photographed scenes, estimate human preference, estimate human sentiment from written descriptions, and identify bodies of water in aerial photos.  Below we show the extraction of green indices for various urban pathways:

the extraction of a human preference score estimate for photographed scenes:

the extraction of the writers sentiment for text descriptions of a given scene:

and for the extraction of areas containing bodies of water in aerial photos:

Special thanks to Ankit Rai (Ph.D. student in Informatics), Marcus Slavenas (Research Programmer), and Luigi Marini (Senior Research Programmer) for their development of these extractors and example workflows in Clowder.

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