• Weekly updates
WhoPlan for the week (Monday)Accomplished (Friday)
Rob Kooper
  • Rob
    • Continue work on BETY docker containers
  • Max
    • Deploy globus transfer code and check
  • Rob
    • Nothing, too many meetings
  • Max
    • Married
    • Deployed globus transfer on production server
Kenton McHenry
  • MBDH Tools & Services WG
  • NDS Wiki
  • DIBBs/DataNets followup
  • Followed up with particpants on MBDH WG
  • Drafted BigData Hub agreements whitepaper
  • Approached Atlassian regarding hosting an NDS wiki
  • Moved tech component breakdown to google doc/new wiki so easier for others to work with
Michal Ondrejcek
  • proposal
  • move Mo/sapphire data to Petrel
  • Globus API, script for checking the end node, consult Max
  • done
  • not all data ready, still need LEEM raw DVDs
  • started
David Raila
  • Planning discussions
  • Cluster volume interfaces and implementation
  • Determine which load balancer to use - tests
  • Work towards full-scale cluster deploy
  • Technical Discussions
  • Planning Discussions
  • Cluster FS: NDS-99 - Getting issue details... STATUS NDS-186 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Started eval on load balancers


Sara Lambert
Kandace Turner
  • Implementing SCRUM framework
  • Identifying "next steps" for NDS based on meeting notes
    • Creating a plan and timeline for completing
  • SCRUM meeting to define the first Sprint
    • First week spent defining stories
  • Compiled a list of NDS action items from the meeting
    • Will be reviewed with Ed and then the NDSC SC
  • Attended Psi meeting on Friday
Craig Willis
  • Meeting with Doug/Chris Tuesday to discuss dynamic DNS implementation
  • Sprint planning today, so tentatively:
    • Test issues #14, #16
    • Automated tests
    • GlusterFS support
    • Send questionnaire/survey?
  • Sprint backlog work
  • Resolved issues #14/16
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